CST Beta Image Kronos (ZEE², TRINITY v2)

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CST Beta Image Kronos (ZEE², TRINITY v2)

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Hier die Beta 3.02 von CST für Kronos (ZEE², TRINITY v2): http://neutrino-images.de/archive/cst-o ... s-302b.img

[+] Spoiler

Software Update Wizard - Agreement

Do not perform updates using any data other than the official update data from our website.
Using Software Updates You expressly acknowledge and agree that use of this Software is at your own risk.
In no event shall Coolstream LTD be liable for any damages whatsever.
Contact info@coolstreamtech.com for any questions about our Software.
We offer 2 Images, please be aware and use the correct Software for your Unit!
Bitte die Software entsprechend der Hardware downloaden!

28.03.2016 - Version 3.02 Beta

To switch between the Standard Menu and the Simplified Menu, press MENU button on your RCU, then press "STOP" button on PVR control section,
follow the on-screen guidance (input pin 0000), then choose YES to reboot your device.

ATTENTION: Only through the Standard Menu you can experience the full functions of Neutrino HD
Boxen: Neo 1, Neo2 , Neo², Trinity, Tank, alle SAT
Kein PN Support!


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